Aristotle Development Roadmap

Current Release 0.1.2alpha

The current version of Aristotle, 0.1.2alpha note.

Aristotle 0.1.3beta Release


The 0.1.3beta release for the Aristotle framework includes more functionality and bug fixes and includes an implementation of the multi-threaded MARC-to-Solr parser, complete adoptation of the Pinax Django project by merging the pinax branch to the main Aristotle branch.

Next Release

The next release of Aristotle includes the following.

Aristotle 0.1.4 Release


The 0.1.4 release for the Aristotle framework is the first public version to be ready when the new Tutt Library top-level site is released. The 0.1.4 release freezes new functionality in the Discovery application and includes the first public release of the GoldRush Microservices and ETD applications.

Future Releases

The following functionality is on the road-map for Aristotle.


The following future plans for Aristotle are subject to changing priorities for Colorado College Tutt Library.

Past Releases

The following release-specific documentation is available.