aristotle.etd – Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Django application


The Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Django application was originally a pylons application developed at Colorado College. It has been migrated to the Django and now is part of the Discover Aristotle bibliographic, repository, and access framework being actively developed at Colorado College Tutt Library and other institutions. Unless explictly set, all software code, ideas, configuations, and any associated intellectual work is licensed under the Apache 2 open source license or under a Creative Commons copyright.


The etd application requires the following modules from Emory University, EULFedora and EULXML. If you want to support student datasets, you’ll need into enable Aristotle’s aristotle.datasets Datasets Django Application application. If you want to supports MARC record generation from an object’s MODS metadata, you will need to enable Aristotle’s aristotle.marc MARC Records Django Application.

aristotle.etd.views Module Contents

aristotle.etd.models Supporting Models for ETD

aristotle.etd.tests Unit tests for ETD