aristotle.marc MARC Records Django Application


The MARC Records Django Application is a collection of utilities for maninpulating MARC records. This application allows for importing and exporting MARC records in an ILS, typically normalizing the various vendors MARC records to a single standard.

This application also allows MARC records to be generated out of a Fedora digital repository for importing into an ILS or for external authority control by such organizations as OCLC.

aristotle.apps.marc.views Contents

aristotle.apps.marc.forms Contents

aristotle.apps.marc.models Contents

aristotle.apps.marc.bots.marcbots Contents

Child MARC bots for specific publishers

aristotle.apps.marc.bots.awbots American West Bots

aristotle.apps.marc.bots.eccobots Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)

aristotle.apps.marc.bots.galebots Gale Publishing files

aristotle.apps.marc.bots.gutenbergbots Project Gutenberg

aristotle.marc.bots.ltibots LTI Bots

aristotle.marc.bots.opbots Oxford Press Bots

aristotle.marc.bots.springerbots Springer EBooks Bots