aristotle.vendors – Vendors Django Application


Aristotle isolates specific utilities and web services that interact with various vendors into a sub-applications in a master Vendor Django Application for a couple of reasons. The first is that allows common functionality to be shared among different applications in the Aristotle project. For example, the both the aristotle.catalog – Django application for Discovery and Access to Solr Indicies and aristotle.etd – Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Django application modules use the Innovative Patron API microservice to autenticate students for different uses.

EBSCO Django Application

FUTURE FEATURE Provides XML search interface for Ebsco Publishing’s full-text and citation databases

III Django Application

A set of utilities for interacting with Innovative’s Millennium ILS includes Item status and Patron API interactions.




OCLC Django Application

FUTURE FEATURE Provides access to WorldCat and other OCLC web services as well as FTP upload of MARC records for authority control.

White Whale Django Application

Contains the design templates from White Whale for Colorado College’s discovery layer as well as a basic internal library website pages.


  • templates/whitewhale/accessability.html provides accessable navigation for web-page
  • templates/whitewhale/cc-collapsed-header.html standard Collapsed header with main navigation for site
  • cc-footer.html standard Colorado College footer